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Have you ever wondered what caused Humpty Dumpty to fall off his wall? Or perhaps how little Bo-Peep lost her sheep? Follow your favorite nursery rhyme characters in a short illustrated tale that connects the dots...

by Jerome Pasquero
illustrations by Emanuel Tamas
26 pages (illustrated)
Softcover (Premium Lustre) or Kindle eBook

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What a wonderful book! My daughter loves it.

- Tanya N.

Read it again, daddy! Again!

- Jaya (2 1/2 years old)

It is great to be able to bond with my son over the same classic characters from my own childhood.

- James S.

What Your Toddler will Enjoy

Colorful Characters
In Tiny Tim's world, characters come from nursery rhymes that your child already knows and loves. Discover how its 20 beautifully illustratred characters are all interconnected.
A Delightful Story
Your toddler will appreciate the sequence of cause-and-effect events that sheds light on some nursery rhymes' oldest mysteries, such as why Humpty Dumpty fell off his wall.
Circus Tent
Fun and Rhythmic Prose
The text was written to be easy for a young child to memorize, with each word that ends a 7-syllable line also starting the next one.
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Classic Characters

You and your child will reconnect with some of the most iconic and timeless characters of all times, such as...

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About The Author

Jerome Pasquero
Jerome Pasquero Jerome Pasquero

Jerome is a prolific inventor in the technology sector, an amateur photographer and an experienced design strategist. In 2008, he earned a PhD in Electrical Engineering from McGill University in Montreal and has since worked for small and large tech firms.

However, Jerome is first and foremost dad to two little girls — 1 and 3 years old — who he just adores. He wrote and published "Tiny Tim Blows a Bubble" for them.

Note from Author

As a father to two young children, I have had the opportunity to read them many classic nursery rhymes (over and over again). And while the stories are very popular with my kids, I've always wondered where they came from and what they meant. Surprisingly, there are no clear answers to these simple questions - a simple search on Wikipedia will confirm this. I, therefore, decided to try to explain, in my own way, mysteries such as what caused Jack and Jill to tumble down the hill, or how Mary and her little lamb met.

In keeping with the spirit of the genre - and because this is the first book I write - I decided to follow some self-imposed arbitrary demanding writing constraints. The book is written with 7-syllable verses with the last word of each line being repeated as the first word of the next line. I can't really offer any solid rationale for why I decided to do so, other than perhaps it makes it easier for young children to learn the text by heart.

I hope you enjoy the story. I know I had a blast writing and publishing it. My biggest source of pride is when I hear my oldest daughter recite out loud the entire book by heart.

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